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Client Testimonials

“I met Andy last August before the US Open. I had been playing tournaments and struggling with hip pain and my movements on the court. After just one session, Andy figure out the problem. He “reactivated” my whole body and my hip issues were “fixed”. I was amazed!

As a professional tennis player I have seen many treatment options but never anything like this. No machines, no deep painful manipulations…just his gentle hands and his energy. Just show up, lay down, and let him do his job! Everything he explained to me went exactly as he said. I was able to play pain free and had a pretty good run to the quarterfinals. I highly recommend this great person and am happy to have him in my life”

Tomas Berdych

Professional Tennis Player

“I met Andy last August before the US Open. I had been playing tournaments and struggling with hip pain and my movements on the court. After just one session, Andy figure out the problem. He “reactivated” my whole body and my hip issues were “fixed”. I was amazed!

As a professional tennis player I have seen many treatment options but never anything like this. No machines, no deep painful manipulations…just his gentle hands and his energy. Just show up, lay down, and let him do his job! Everything he explained to me went exactly as he said. I was able to play pain free and had a pretty good run to the quarterfinals. I highly recommend this great person and am happy to have him in my life”

Tomas Berdych

Professional Tennis Player

“Andy’s work is profound…I have tried thousands of healing modalities….body work…you name it I have tried it. Andy makes it the REAL DEAL. The work he does is instantly effective. I am thrilled to say that since his work I feel AMAZING not to mention I believe that Andy is a beautiful human being on top of it all.”

Mariel Hemingway

Academy Award Nominated Actress, Model, Author, Mother, and Leading Voice For Holistic and Balanced Living

“I was very skeptical but my body hurt so badly I was willing to try anything. After my first treatment, I felt incredible and proceeded to have one of my best games ever. Now Andy’s work keeps my muscles working properly so I can perform optimally each week. Reactivation is truly amazing and I recommend that every athlete get on Andy’s table.”

Tiki Barber

Former NY Giants Football Player

“For someone who is an exercise fanatic and travels 300 days a year, Andy Langberg is at the top of my speed dial. Wherever my body seems to hurt, Andy always gets me feeling great quickly.”

Colin Cowie

Premiere Celebrity Event Designer

“As a former professional athlete, my body has been through a lot of wear and tear. It was so great to experience the pain relief and improved function I received due to Andy’s new and innovative Total Body Reactivation. I highly recommend anyone with any type of injury, pain or discomfort try this amazing treatment!”

Jose Higueras

Retired professional tennis player, coach of many top ranked players

“I first met Andy as a junior in high school at the Adidas All American camp in New Jersey. On the third day of the camp, I developed debilitating shin splints that prevented me from playing. Andy worked on me for about an hour and, to my surprise, the pain was completely gone and I was able to finish the camp without incident.

From then on, Andy’s treatments became a regular practice throughout my college and professional basketball career. His ability to pinpoint a problem area and correct it is amazing and it continues to be a paramount priority for me. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone, from everyday people looking for pain relief to athletes of the highest caliber.”

John Oates

Former College and Professional Basketball Player

“As a figure skater with a deep love for my sport, learning that I had badly torn my hamstring was devastating. After spending months seeking treatments from many different practitioners representing many different disciplines with little improvement, I was referred to Andy. Within a few short months Andy had me back on the ice with confidence and not just a healing leg, but a whole, healing body and spirit. In working with Andy in times of injury as well as good health, I have learned that his gift of healing lies deeper than his extraordinary ability to get the body in its best position to heal …it also lies within his intuition, compassion, and unswerving commitment to learn and grow as a practitioner.”

Janine Prete

Figure Skater

“ANDY SAVED ME FROM SURGERY!! I was one week away from “frozen shoulder” surgery and thank goodness my husband Jay (a true believer in Andy) suggested I give him a try. A few months later, my shoulder is ‘thawed’!! Because of Andy’s ‘reactivation’ techniques, I required no surgery, no pain management injections, and no 9 month physical therapy schedule. I will be forever grateful to Andy and will continue to see him for general ‘tune-ups’. He is a kind and compassionate person. Treat yourself to a session!”
Merri Blumenfeld

“After hurting my back playing competitive tennis I was out for five months. I saw every doctor and chiropractor I know and they had no answer for me. Andy worked on me for one hour and I was playing tennis the following day.”
Lukas Pospisil

Saint Peters College Tennis

“Andy certainly helped me achieve my success since 2006 by keeping my neck, back, and body in good shape. I still go to see Andy for tune-ups in order to continue to compete at the highest level possible.”
Jay Blumenfeld

The NJ State Golf Association 2006 and 2009 Amateur Player of the Year

“A few times in one’s life someone will cross your path and make a dramatic impact on you – physically, emotionally, or mentally. Andy Langberg is one of those rare individuals who leaves an impression in all aspects of your life! He has a rare ability to identify our infirmities and make them better by not only helping us to heal but also allowing us to succeed in coping more aggressively with the daily grind in our lives. In my case, it was avoiding shoulder surgery in 3 visits to his table… and, it was helping me gain flexibility and therefore improving my distance in golf… and, with regular “tune-ups” – allowing me to feel better now than I have felt in years! His approach is unconventional and home-grown… non-evasive yet eye-opening… painless but invigorating. But don’t just take my word for it or others whose testimonials are in this web site – try it yourself… and change your life!”
Rob Cowen

9-TIME EMMY Award winning Producer/Director

“Andy, this is a true testimonial to you. I came to you 7 visits ago not being able to move my arm and shoulder. The orthopaedic surgeon prescribed an MRI and mentioned eventually I will need surgery. I was in such excruciating pain I could not function. Meeting with you was a Godsend. In 5 visits I was pain free and regained full mobility. I now follow up with “tune ups.” In the past few months life has been a challenge for me and my emotions went to different internal places causing internal inflammation and blocked energy. Amazingly you have unblocked this via negativa flow and I am feeling so much better. Thank you my healer.”
Marsha Mann Larner

“You saw me a few weeks ago for my back. I know you asked me to check in with you about a week after I saw you, but I honestly felt so good, I kind of forgot! I wanted to say Thank you so much for whatever you did! I have my half marathon coming up next Sunday and I have been running 8-10 miles every other day to prepare and have NO back pain at all, something I have not experienced since before I was 16. I do not know what you did, but I cannot thank you enough!”
Danielle Prybylek

“Injuries as a recreational tennis player are part of the game. But since teaching tennis is my livelihood, when I am injured, I cannot afford to take time off from the job. That is why when I hurt my back, I went to my chiropractor immediately. I was going to him three times a week for 3 weeks and was still in pain. Although my insurance covered these visits, I still had a $25 co-pay per visit and these were starting to stack up. But all this would have been worth it if the pain would just go away! That’s when I called Andy. He helped me previously with a quad injury and sure enough, in one visit, he “tuned-up” my back and no more pain. He has also helped me with other injuries such as my feet, tennis elbow and a pinched nerve. Don’t do what I did ….. go to Andy FIRST! You’ll be happy you did!”
Michele Byrne

USTA Jr. Team Tennis Coordinator for North Jersey

“I’ve sent many of my tennis clients with difficult injuries to Andy and they have all come back with a big smile thanking me for the referral. I must say that when Andy first introduced me to the Reactivation system I was highly skeptical. He offered to work on some of my high level athletes who are very in tune with their bodies and he helped them both with injuries and efficiency with their movement on the court. He has been a huge help in getting them back on the court full strength sometimes in as little time as an hour. Andy has definitely learned a technique in healing that works both for injuries and for prevention of injuries. It’s sure nice to know someone as knowledgeable and professional as Andy Langberg!”
Michele Byrne

USTA Jr. Team Tennis Coordinator for North Jersey

“I have only good news for you. My knee is feeling A LOT better, there is virtually no pain compared to how it felt before our session. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have a healthy, and virtually pain-free knee during our 3 hr practices and double sessions this week. I can finally concentrate on playing and not how much my knee hurts. We got our vertical leaps tested in September, mine was 35 inches. The week after I saw you, we got it tested again and it was 37.5, so not only do I feel a lot better, but I am jumping a lot better too, so I thank you very much for that.”
Mike V.

Professional basketball player

“I just wanted to let you know my back feels a million times better. I am basically pain free and SO SO SO thankful for everything you did! I can actually sit, SLEEP and workout without a problem. Also I can now bend over to pick things up and be able to stand back up not feeling like I am going to die. Your practice does amazing things and is such a great thing to help people feel better. THANK YOU!!”

Kate Branciforte

Fordham University Rower

“My Reactivation sessions with Andy have provided immediate relief for back and knee injuries suffered from martial arts training. It also has provided me with an unexpected and remarkable feeling of overall well being. I also referred my aunt who was told she needed a knee replacement and was forced to use a walker. After just one session, the walker was folded up and put away and after four sessions the cane was put away right next to the walker.”
Charles Toepfer

President, Prahna Capital Ltd

“Andy is my true miracle worker. I came to him in complete despair. After spending seven months rehabilitating my knees after surgery, I still needed to use a walker. After one hour, I walked out of his office on my own and have not looked back since. He made my legs work again. My improvements are truly remarkable.”
Millicent Mitchell


“So it was 2 weeks ago that I had the craziest 1 1/2 hour of my life with you. It was eye-opening, mind-opening, weird, relaxing, funny, almost painless, and GREAT session. I virtually have no pain in my “wings” of my upper back. Overall, the pain has really subsided, not completely gone yet, but it is certainly the least pain I have ever felt in my life.”


Professional Dog Walker

“My performance on the track was limited by a groin injury and shin splints. I went to Andy to get my muscles reactivated, and at our next track meet I have my best running performance of my track career! His technique is truly remarkable!”
PJ Picache

US Marines

“Andy, I really don’t know how to thank you enough. As you know, I came in to see you because I hurt my knee and I was looking for a quick fix to try and make the ski trip to Utah with my buddies. However, the thing I never expected was that you would fix my hip so I can jump, do squats and most of all ski deep powder again. We were very fortunate on our recent ski trip and we got 36″ during the three days we were in Utah. I thought you would like to know that not only did my knee hold up well, I was bouncing in bottomless powder like I was a teenager again. As you can imagine, I have been evangelizing you to anybody that will listen, trust me all my ski buddies are now believers!”
Darren Marino

“As a master plumber my work is extremely taxing on my body. I play some pretty extreme sports and weight train 5 days per week as well. My body has taken a beating over the years. Andy is a godsend. At 37 years old I’ve needed someone like him to put me back together again many times. His Reactivation Technique is the only thing that has ever worked for me. He also reactivates my employees when they get hurt too! I can’t thank Andy enough!!”
JT O'Brien

Owner, JT O'Brien Plumbing & Heating

“I have lived with severe cases of arthritis and spinal stenosis for years. After having a few treatments by Andy I have now been able to get rid of all my “golf candy.” I can play 36 holes of golf with out having to take any pain medications. Reactivation works, I am a true believer.”
Dan Napoli

Avid golfer

“I can’t thank you enough for seeing me on such short notice!!!!! I am still shocked with your findings about my lung capacity….you were right on the money!! I ran 22 miles on Saturday, with new lungs!!!! That was really starting to worry me….my legs held up great also!! I really feel great!!!! Thanks again Andy.”

Marathon Runner

“Jess is doing great, actually better than that. She said she feels better than she did before the injury and since coming back is 7-0 and has only only given up 3 earned runs. She has upset some big teams along the way in the county playoffs.. Not sure if your phone is ringing off the wall but I have given your number out to a lot of people. So thank you for working your magic!”
Bob S.

Father of high school softball pitcher

Reactivation Institute Student Testimonials

“When Andy told me he was thinking about teaching a class on Reactivation I was immediately interested. I was also very skeptical of my ability to learn it. Wouldn’t I need at least a basic knowledge of muscular anatomy or mechanics to be able to do something like this? Because Andy had helped me so much through Reactivation, I had always found myself in situations with friends or family where I would think how much they would benefit from a session with him. So the thought of learning Reactivation myself was exciting.

At Andy’s urging I held my nose and jumped in. It turned out to be a great learning experience. In less than a year, for one weekend each month, I absorbed more information than I would have thought possible. I think that says a lot about Andy’s teaching. He has the unique ability to take this complex subject and simplify it enough to teach it to all types of students. The classes were intensely informative, but because of the relaxed atmosphere I never felt intimidated. The doubts I had about my ability to learn Reactivation went out the window as I gained hands-on experience in every class. Granted, there was a lot of studying to do, and plenty of practice necessary. But the knowledge, experience and confidence I came away with made it very worthwhile.

I’m now as busy as I want to be helping people in my community – from the neighbor with an aching back, to the Little League baseball player with a sprained ankle. I’m confident I can go as far as I want with this incredible knowledge. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve taken someone’s pain away. I’m looking forward to the Level II class so Andy can help me go even farther on this journey.”

Maggie S.

“The Level 1 Internship with Andy helped me discover so many amazing things about the body, the mind, and our ability to heal ourselves. It was a life changing experience that has sent me in a new direction. Andy’s knowledge and willingness to teach from his experience made this course something I highly recommend.”

Michael V.