Andy Langberg

Founder & Developer

Meet Andy

Fresh out of the University of Delaware with a degree in Exercise Science, I struggled to understand what I wanted to do with my life. I have always had two passions, one being sports and the other in helping others achieve wellness. Combining both and becoming a Personal Trainer was a great way for me to make a living and help people reach their fitness goals. I enrolled in many higher level classes and received numerous prestigious certifications in the field. My enthusiasm was contagious and business boomed. The problem was I was struggling with chronic neck, elbow, shoulder and ankle pain. I looked on the outside to be in amazing physical condition. On the inside I lived with complete dysfunction and inflammation. Unfortunately the medical world could only see my superficial layers and after many years of treatments and therapies could not provide me any relief. Many so called alternative methods were not successful in helping me heal either.

I was very skeptical but my body hurt so badly I was willing to try anything. After my first treatment, I felt incredible and proceeded to have one of my best games ever. Now Andy’s work keeps my muscles working properly so I can perform optimally each week. Reactivation is truly amazing and I recommend that every athlete get on Andy’s table.

Tiki Barber

Former New York Giants Football Player


It was after years of experiments and research that I found what I had been looking for. I advanced my knowledge in quantum physics, wave theory and many other deeper layers of how the human body functions. Discoveries were made and I was able to prove all the other techniques I had learned invalid. Reactivation was developed based on a few common denominators that still continue to amaze me. We may not have full capabilities yet to measure the positive changes made during the sessions and the explanations of how it all happens may be debatable but the results are definitely real. It has been quite an evolution that now seems like a destiny.

The journey has allowed me to work in places I always dreamed of as a child. Reactivation has been used all over the world in major stadiums and arenas, on famous golf courses and tennis courts and countless other amazing venues. I have worked with the NY Giants football team, NJ Devils Hockey team, and NJ Nets basketball team. It has been used by many NY Yankees baseball players, Czech and American tennis players, PGA golf tour professionals as well as numerous professional, olympic, college, and top level athletes in every major sport. Every day I have the opportunity to better people’s lives as well as getting athletes to perform at their highest level.

About Reactivation

The next step was getting more Reactivation Specialists. At first, teaching Reactivation was somewhat of a selfish act. I really just wanted someone to Reactivate me! ‘Could this be taught?’ was a question I struggled with for sometime.. In 2006, the first edition course manual was completed and I successfully took on my first group of students. My goal of making Reactivation a viable option was moving forward.

Reactivation continues to evolve everyday. So many new editions to the manual have been added as well as Level 2 and 3 courses. This is still only the beginning and I am certainly enjoying the journey thus far.

The Reactivation method is a revolutionary integrative health practice that helps the body attain a greater sense of wellness . This is very meaningful to optimally function, perform and heal. It takes a holistic approach to healing by treating the body as one whole system as we believe that the whole is more powerful than the sum of its parts. By working with the mind, body and biomagnetic system of the body Reactivation can harmonize and restore balance. A balanced system is a healthier system.

A Reactivation practitioner assesses the body for weaknesses using muscle challenges; then helps to correct them with a gentle focused touch applied to specific points on the body. This systemic approach is not symptom based.

Most clients would admit this is much better demonstrated than explained. They would never have believed the results unless they experienced it themselves. The testimonials will tell you that Reactivation has dramatically improved functional capabilities in every age group, along with elevating sports performance and career longevity in numerous competitive athletes.

Reactivation. The total body tune-up!!

Let us Reactivate you so you can enjoy the results!