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Wednesday April 20, 2016 2:15pm - 3:00pm

Andy will explain and demonstrate how Reactivation can harmonize and restore balance by working with the mind, body and biomagnetic system of the body. The Reactivation method is a revolutionary integrative health practice that helps the body attain a greater sense of wellness . This is very meaningful to optimally function, perform and heal. It takes a holistic approach to healing by treating the body as one whole system as we believe that the whole is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Most clients would admit this is much better demonstrated than explained. They would never have believed the results unless they experienced it themselves. The testimonials will tell you that Reactivation has dramatically improved functional capabilities in every age group, along with elevating sports performance and career longevity in numerous competitive athletes.

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Andy at the US Open

The 2015 US OPEN was a huge success for Reactivation. It was used by many tennis players, coaches, trainers and even some player's families and friends. Word spread quickly and I found myself running back and forth between player hotel rooms in NYC, the courts at Flushing Meadow and the training room inside Ashe Stadium many times each day.

Yes, it is very cool to have an all access badge, to watch matches from the front row and eat and relax next to the biggest stars in the tennis world, but spending very long days in the very hot sun cheering on the players is not all that glamorous. Walking into a chilled air conditioned room with sweat soaked clothes is not pleasant. The players complained all tournament that the treatment room was ice cold. Unfortunately nobody knew how to turn the air conditioning off. Instead they would wear heavy warm up suits and wrap their necks and bodies in towels to keep warm.

Working with top level athletes certainly has its ups and downs. It is very hard to follow my mantra of "I do not take credit and I do not take blame." It is an amazing feeling to observe a freshly reactivated player go out on the court and dominate a match. It also is torturous to see someone lose because their body failed them during one of the biggest tournaments of the year. All I can do is do the best I can with the tools I have.

It is still rewarding to hear how a client's shoulder felt great for the first time in months or that their leg strain did not bother them at all or the sprained ankle was not a factor in a match. But it also makes me strive to improve my healing skills when I hear things like it still hurts my neck to serve or I just ran out of energy out there.

As always the Reactivation goal is to get everyone to be their best and in the best position to heal. At the end of 18 days in a row of non-stop work I can sit back take a deep breath and say mission accomplished. Many of my clients had a great tournament advancing further than ever. Now it is over. I will return to my office and help each of my clients as if they were about to play in the match of their lives.

Judith Regan Show - June 27th

Andy (that's me!) featured on the Judith Regan Show on the Sirius XM Stars Channel on June 27th (SiriusXM satellite radio). Listen to the interview, click the button below for - REACTIVATION RADIO (opens a new window/tab)

Judith Regan Show
Publishing powerhouse Judith Regan brings her media and culture savvy to SiriusXM Stars. From intimate one-on-one interviews to raucous roundtable discussions, Judith sits down with actors, authors, designers, doctors, philanthropists, politicians, commentators, comedians and America at large.

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