The Importance of pH

Our bodies are constantly striving for inner balance and homeostasis. Measuring pH is one very helpful tool to see how balanced our bodies actually are. pH is the acronym for Potential Hydrogen. When healthy, the blood pH is 7.365 and the saliva pH is 7.4. A higher number is considered alkaline and a lower number is acidic. Remember this from science classes? Our pH will affect the activity of every metabolic function happening in our body.

Virtually all degenerative diseases, including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney and gall stones, and tooth decay are associated with excess acidity in the body. While the body does have a homeostatic mechanism which tries to maintain a constant neutral pH in the blood, it is constantly being taxed by acid forming foods which have been shown to cause major problems. Part of getting your body in the best possible position to heal can mean restoring it to a normal, slightly alkaline pH.

Our pH will affect the activity of every metabolic function happening in our body. We have direct control over it by what we put in our mouths. It is so common to grab a bagel and coffee for breakfast (acid), hamburger or deli sandwich for lunch (acid), wash it down with a soda or sugary drink (acid), and have a pizza (acid) for dinner. It all may be low fat or a small portion but the damage it does over time to the balance of our system can be detrimental.

Litmus paper can test the saliva pH in 15 seconds. It can be purchased at Whole Foods or good health food stores and throughout the internet. You can also access food charts on the internet that explain which foods are acid forming and which foods are alkaline forming. In simple terms, we just need to eat a more 'real' food like fruits and vegetables and of course to drink more water. Awareness of what your body's true needs are, understanding the importance of your body's health and well being, and living to your fullest potential is empowering and satisfying. We all have control over what we put in to our bodies.